Who Are We?

Groupe Ceres inc. offers a full range of services in all fields of activity related to hog farming: management, nutrition and production of feedingstuffs. We are also involved in pig production. We understand that you care about your profitability and we offer a flexible and proactive management approach to get the most from your business!

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We also offer a full range of products necessary for pig feed via our division Nutrition Athena inc. Our mission is to provide high-performance products to swine producers while maintaining an approach that allows us to offer very competitive prices.

Contact us to learn more about our products, our prices and our services. We offer complete feeds, micro and macro premix, as well as all the necessary ingredients and feed additives for the manufacture of feedingstuffs for pigs.

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We are the distributor for Eastern Canada for Fast Genetics, which produces lines of high health hyper-prolific female and terminal boars selected for their growth and carcass quality.

Fast Genetics team has an excellent reputation and offers products and services that meet the highest standards in the industry today.

Questions about our products or services? Contact us at 1-866-341-0110.